Earthing Transformers


A grounding transformer or earthing transformer is a vital component in three-phase electric power systems. It provides an essential link between the system and the ground to help protect against electrical shocks and system failure. With its ability to provide a ground path to either an ungrounded wye or delta-connected system, it makes it possible for operations personnel to safely work on equipment without having to worry about potential electric shock risks.

Earthing transformers are an essential part of electrical power systems. As a standard reactor, they provide a neutral connection to the power system, allowing for safe and efficient distribution of electricity. Earthing transformers also help protect against faults in the system, ensuring reliable electricity supply. Moreover, the earthing transformers could power a nearby auxiliary load.

The zigzag transformer is a unique and advanced technology that offers a reliable, cost-effective solution to earthing requirements. It combines two phases offset by 120° in a zigzag or interconnected star winding connection, resulting in efficient power distribution and improved safety. This type of transformer is suitable for industrial and commercial applications, providing enhanced earthing protection while reducing power losses.

Earthing transformers are essential components in an electrical network, creating a neutral point and enabling the safe operation of the system. The most common connection type used is ZN, which provides both linear and specified zero sequence impedance. Alternatively, YN+d connections can also be applied to achieve the desired effect. Both solutions provide effective earthing for any given network.

Product Scope

Voltage level: up to 170 kV

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